The D.I.P.A. (Integration system of newcomers) : a system of the Mission Générale de l’Académie de Bordeaux.


This specific class at Lycée Alfred Kastler was introduced in 2002. It welcomes 15 young newcomers or foreign pupils recently arrived in France for whose insufficient mastery of French or academic learning doesn’t allow them to immediately take advantage of all the subjects of ordinary classes (Bulletin n°2002-100 dated 04-25-2002).


Admission criteria to integrate the D.I.P.A. :

* Young people newly arrived in Frence (less than a year) between the ages of 16 and 18 years old.
* Non-francophone or French-speaking starting.
* No former education in France (ordinary or reception class).
* Former education in the country of birth or origin (reading, writing and mathematics knowledge, in native language or language of the last origin country).


Admission procedure to the D.I.P.A. :

* Registrations must go through the nearest Centre d’Information et d’Orientation (Information and Counselling Centre) of the candidate residence.
* All registrations are sent and considered by the Mission de Lutte contre le Décrochage Scolaire M.L.D.S., located at the Academic Inspection.
* The M.L.D.S. groups all the registrations, conducts achievement tests in their mother tongue, and introduces the Académic Director to the candidates who meet the criteria.
* The Académic Director approves the candidates’ admission depending on the number of places available. So the coordinator of D.I.P.A. can receive the pupil and his family/caretakers to proceed to the inscription.


Training provided :

* The main task of the scheme is to prepare the future insertion of the pupils into the French school system in the best possible way. Thus, part of the training is the teaching time every week with 24-27 hours of French language of education including 6 hours of mathematics.
* Our pupils have the opportunity to undertake work placements and/or immersions into general, technological or vocational classrooms (CAP or Vocational Baccalaureate) in order to confirm or consolidate their future guidance.
* Preparation of pupils for many exams.
* Preparation and passing of the DELF (French-language Studies Diploma) Level A1, A2, B1.
* Preparation and passing of the A.S.S.R. (School Road Safety Certificate) 1 and 2.
* Preparation and passing the C.F.G. (General Education Certificate).
* Preparation and passing the C.S.S.T. (First-aid Rescue Worker Certificate).


D.I.P.A.’s purposes have three areas of focus :

* To allow the pupils achieving a working knowledge of the French language
* To provide them knowledge about the social, economic and cultural environment
* To enable them to define a realistic skills training project